Or Matt as most call him, is the wildcard of the sweeper group. He usually enjoys when freaking others out, displaying his all-around gaming or coding skill, or illustrating any odd event that has actually happened. He has humans a low priority on his list, he often resorts to being alone with his computer, listening to music, and training in some form of competition involving quick wit, reaction time, or anything with falcorn as a competitor.


Miller may just be the biggest loser of the Sweeper Group, as he desires to master the physical sciences and the grammatical nuances of the English language.  When he's not busy with that, he'll probably just be practicing his sarcasm and brutal honesty on some unsuspecting victim.  Despite this harsh hobby, most would actually describe him as mostly harmless.


The calm and mild mannered one in the group, people like to think that he is generally the voice of reason for the Sweeper Group. However, Geverson has an insatiable curiosity that can get him involved in all sorts of mischief and mayhem. When that happens, and rest assured it happens quite often, he is no longer the voice of reason but as nebulously persistent as Mr. Magoo.


The twitchy one in the group. Seriously, he's about as unstable as U-235. He is also immense, a gargantuan example of selective breeding to express certain genes, in his case the genome for height and a huge wingspan. Luckily, he only turns this weapon onto his enemies. His cutting sarcastic remarks, however, are dispensed to anyone that presents himself as a target, be it friend or foe. His gaming skill is about as sharp and durable as an industrial-strength diamond-coated 12" miter saw. If you play him, he will beat you